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System and Backup Administrators can generate a diagnostic file for the backup server and each client registered to the backup server.
The same diagnostic file can be generated through a command line console if the user has root access on Linux/UNIX or Administrator privileges in Windows.

  • The diagnostic files are generated using the following naming convention:
  • The file contains no file or backup content, but will contain names of files, directories, domains, and computers as configured in the Arkeia WebUI.
  • The detailed logging information is required by the Support Team to properly analyze and diagnose your support requests.
  • Contents of the file can be viewed using popular compression utilities sunch as Winzip, 7zip or tar -zxvf.
  • Click Here for more information regarding the contents of the Diagnostic File
  • Click Here to watch the video tutorial.


WebUI Backup Server and Client Diagnostic File (Recommended Method)

Linux and Unix Diagnostic Files

Arkeia Physical and Virtual Appliance Diagnostic File

Microsoft Windows Diagnostic File

Windows and Linux Online DR Session Diagnostic File

After the Diagnostic file has been successfully created, transfer it to a machine that has Internet access via scp or ftp.

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